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I have never really fancied promoting myself. But all that has got to change if I am ever going to be able to get out of the spot I’m in. Don’t get me wrong…this spot is pretty awesome which is why it’s been easy to be comfortable all these years.
But facing your fears is a part of growing and I want to know that I tried my best.

IMG_8937Age 4,  Flagler Beach

I was born in Orlando and moved to Flagler County in 1979, living here for over 30 years since.
I love calling Flagler Beach home.

I have two amazing children, an awesome husband and express my passion for life through surfing, creating art and trading stories with other people.
A true believer that you shouldn’t complain about something unless you are willing to put forth the effort to change it has inspired me to volunteer, serving on the board of the Flagler County Education Foundation since 2012 and forming the community action group Flagler Beach All-Stars with two other awesome folks.

I am also a co-owner at The Island Grille restaurant, Vice President of Rhino Property Services, Inc. and
am currently on a journey and mission to be successful “being me.”

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Did I also mention that I love to surf and make art.



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or you can always send me an email~ flaglersurf.com@gmail.com