Why should you advertise on Flagler Surf…because it is awesome.

The Flagler Beach webcam currently sustains a daily traffic of 700-1500 viewers. Many of them local and most of them visit more than once a week. That means your “name” is getting constant exposure and may be seen at the perfect moment your new client was needing your services.  Not only that, but you can feel good that are reinvesting your advertising dollars into a company that keeps its focus on a positive quality of life for our community.  It’s a win, win.

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The live streaming Web Cam view of the Flagler Beach pier and Atlantic Ocean drives a majority of the traffic coming from Flagler County, Florida, the country and world.  Our beach is the focal point of the town and unites people from all corners of the universe.  People visit this website because they want to be here, not because they were forced and the repeat traffic reflects this concept.  We have a very strong  presence on Facebook and Instagram (due mainly to the almost daily posting of the sunrise photo and beach tide report) and a growing following on Twitter and Pinterest.

We were very fortunate to be one of the 9 businesses chosen for the Flagler County Chamber of Commerce  advertising campaign aimed at getting tourists to visit by not just touting the region but also by featuring some of its locals. The print and digital ads run on TripAdvisor, Visit Florida, Florida Travel & Life, AAA Living Magazine, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. We have also been featured as one of the Insider Bloggers on the the Palm Coast and Flagler Beaches Website.

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 Advertising Specs

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Sidebar Ad: 300 x 225 px- $100.00 per month.
This rotating ad is featured in the sidebar on every website page. Purchase 3 months and get a 20% discount.

We offer ad design for a reasonable fee.

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Current Stats:
Featured on first page of Google using search terms:
Flagler Beach
Flagler Beach Webcam
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Flagler Beach Surf Report
Over 14,850 monthly website views, over 700 daily views, 71% returning visitors
Links on Surf 97.3 and Magic Seaweed

Social Media Followers:
Facebook: 5,500
Twitter: 904
Instagram: 2503
Pinterest: 634

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