Just journal it.

Well I missed the Turtle Festival again and am kinda bummed. I was able to pass by for a moment and it looked like a nice turnout. I am partial to events being in the park. I feel that we as a town are so very lucky to have such a beautiful green open space right next to the ocean. I enjoy driving by and witnessing someone having a peaceful moment, taking it all in. When I lived in California, people would be out doing all sorts of wonderful and interesting things in these public spaces. An amazing and free pass to some serious people watching.

The following day I did manage to escape the daily rituals of things needing to be done. We were out on a flying by the seat of our pants journey when I had to “holla at the Dollar” to get a notebook and pen so we could scribe down all the ideas we were having. One of them is included in this entry. It’s the amount of notebooks and journals I am keeping. Yes, there has been an instance when I was without a writing vessel–just this other day–and purchased a new notebook. But seriously, I feel compelled to confuse myself by writing different matters in all of them. I have been making a joke of my self diagnosed A.D.D but I think maybe I’m not completely off.

Pretty ridiculous I know, but funny too and I really am utilizing all of them. It then occurred to me that I am not alone.

Apparently the Flagler Beach designer also suffers from a bit of A.D.D as these different paver patterns could be found in a one block radius.
What a cute little patchwork town we are…


  1. Aggie

    >I can relate to self diagnosed ADD…I have an obsession with buying notebooks, writing ideas…and losing them. They are everywhere.

    I miss Flagler Beach. 🙂

  2. Squee

    >That could turn out to be a game? "Guess where Carla's been?!" Oh and I only see 4 not five. But I'm guessing that you were on your way to "hollar at the Dollor" and took Center Street to get across 100. I have no idea where "sidewalk 3" comes into play. But it looks nice

  3. DDP

    >I think three is on south central…? But it will be everywhere downtown soon. I know it's fun to have a new downtown look, but it is a pain in accomplishing it. I'm definitely going to have to use the "Holla @ the Dolla" thing in my regular conversations now! "Carting Uptown to Holla @ the Dolla!" Snoop Dogg should use it in a new song. 🙂