The Beginning..


I wasn’t going to start this blog until my personal one showed some sort of promise..and then I thought well that could be forever so I had better get moving.

So Island Times is what I came up with when I thought that I would like to start a hometown newspaper. I have a lot of ideas. I realised that against my better judgement I would take my mothers advice and utilize the virtual world of words. I still would like to have a newspaper but I just don’t see any one person going out of their way to give me one.. or name one after me. So here I am breaking all my rules of being comfortable and typing away.

Technically Flagler Beach is not really an island–for whatever reason because we are almost entirely surrounded by water. And when there is any sort of natural disaster blip on whosever radar we are promptly escorted out of our homes and off this Island. If you listen that is–which i don’t–most of the time. Which is why one particular hurricane, who shall remain nameless-remember that one, there was a lovely peace officer walking down the road telling everyone to evacuate. However, if we demanded to be stubborn then we should have our ID’s in our pockets so when we died they could identify our bodies. Nice-huh.

Back to Flagler Beach and it’s awesomeness. I know corny but I truly love this place! I tell everyone and then they say I should be mayor. Or at least that is what I hear them say and then I think to myself that that idea is ridiculous. Until the other day when I got a wild hair or maybe it was another grey hair. Yes, I actually thought that I should be mayor. And then I could be in the parade!! I promptly told my mother my amazing idea who promptly told me that it was not a good idea at all. Beeeeecause..she’s mean and hates me and thinks that I would be terrible. No, thats not why, it’s because I just had a baby and I need to relax. So instead I am going to stay up way too late writing these words. And now that I think about it I really don’t want to be mayor– I want to be the Activites Director.

So back to Flagler Beach…and this blog. The purpose–well there isn’t any. I figured that on my daily adventures around town I would just take some funny little pictures and write about whatever strikes my fancy. Or maybe this will go bananas I will be the go-to person to find out where to put your next footprint. Who knows but it is always an adventure–