Shout Out To The Peas…

Let it be known that I think this is very silly… and I might have helped to pay for it…

Let it also be known that I accept the fact that I do not know or understand what it is like to be or wear the suit of a peace officer. There are several peace officers that I love and adore and to the majority hold a high respect for their willingness to offer themselves as the first line of defense in the stand-off against the crazies, for little gratitude and no money.

But… for the folks who reside here in this little beachside town I feel as though we could use perhaps a bit more of the Andy Griffith approach versus the terminator style demonstrated above. A smile really does go a long way.

And for the ones who’s bullet vests have cut off circulation to their brain, they are now regarded as the peas officers. Cause most folks don’t like em… 🙂

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  1. DDP

    >Hilarious! Agreed Carla… I see this guy everywhere and still don't even know his name! Dare I wave to him? He looks as if he wants to give a ticket just for waving to him. And why sit stealthily on the side of JA? Everyone knows you're there! Why not be out getting to know the community instead? In this sleepy little town, we need support, not oppression. 🙂