The Land Of Plenty At The Village Emporium..

first i must confess that i have been experiencing a bit of writers block, or cramping, or maybe i even broke something…not sure but i am working through it. this post however i have been meaning to write and now it is finally time. because of the “recession” and life’s lovely obstacles, we as a family made the decision that i should get a Jeep…stroller. yes, we are a single car family saving the world one gas tank at a time. i am however in the market for a beautiful VW bus with mechanic who works out of love and trades for beer and food. so if you are this person i am searching for you but back to my three wheeling escapades.

on one of our daily adventures to “holla at the dollar” i came upon The Village Emporium.” this diamond in the rough is a browsers dream. i myself tend to be that person who walks into a store for inspiration. looking at all the wonderful trinkets, thinking in my head that if i had 1000 hours in the day i too could muster these amazing creations. a retailers nightmare is probably more like it, but as the wrinkles unite i find myself willing to shell out some duckets for treasure that i may never find again. that being confessed, this store forced such a moment a couple of times.

the Emporium (emporium means : a store carrying a diversity of merchandise–Webster Dict.) has many different retailers inside. some of the tables are filled with handmade items, vintage clothing and furniture, party supplies, kids stuff and oh my goodness so much more! yes, i think you should go there and see what you can find to take home with you. and you can mention that i sent you there even though no one will probably care. and if you are really motivated, perhaps you may find yourself renting a table to sell your amazing wares.

i suppose i should mention that this cool spot is across the way from our beautful blue police station.

and this sequined beaded beauty was only 5$$!! how could you pass that up! peace out…