Did you know…

I am under the impression that the pedestrian walk

way in front of the pier is a mandatory stop for the vehicle folk. So if by chance there is a human, usually armed with fishing gear or beach supplies, you the four wheeled operator are supposed to halt.

This does not mean that the next person behind you can do it or does it give you the right to honk angrily at the person in front of you abiding by the pedestrian laws.

I am however confused to the legality of the other walk way signs. Perhaps it’s because the sign on A1A has more bling…(flashing yellow light) and that is why it’s more important. Or I could be completely wrong about all of it and these signs are here to point out the best possible place to run over a person.


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  1. Squee

    >Carla everyone knows that walk way signs are to point out were to run someone over. Look at that guy, they should make them with their arms up and a leg broken. For someone that walks I think he looks a little heafty in the mid- section