Did You See That Car?

I was trying to think of something clever to say but really there is nothing. I love this car. A smile evokes from my head to my feet each time it would pass. Art demonstrated from the purest place of inspiration. And to think I know who is brave enough to color on something so permanent and obvious. The real story is not this little beaming yellow sensation but where the people who drive it have gone.

They sailed away…It’s like they are characters in a story driving around in their personalities until one day they hopped on a boat and went off into the sunset. But that is what they did! A friend called it the Arc. Bought for less than ten dollars and pieced back together with tar and cotton. These characters have left on their maiden voyage, sailing across the Atlantic to Ireland. They will be gone for two years and I cannot even imagine the trip they will have. I can only cross my fingers that I will be apart of their journey if only by writing about it here. And I wish them the best of luck and wind!

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