Dreaming of…Oil?


The ocean is just beautiful! The weather has been amazing. Life here is paradise!

And then I had this dream last night that the oil was here. Like a swarm of jellyfish that ride in on the current and invade our every move. They were these ugly black squishy bubbles sticking to you, breathing and oozing over our sand, a million mini blobs making a passive suffocating attack. It was terrible and it made me wonder what is there that I can do to be helping this situation. What part of my life needs to change so that I am not disrupting nature in such a harmful way. I love the ocean and all that it holds and nurtures and would be devastated if I was restrained from enjoying this aquatic playground.
And it makes me think of all the toxic energy that is wasted on thinking ugly things about each other. It makes me wonder why people are so intent on revenge and manipulation and defiance and thinking only of themselves as the lone captain of their private ship. It saddens me that instead of arming ourselves together for the protection of what we all truly love together and coming together to make our barriers stronger, we instead take hold of what we alone can carry and build our own wall. We will never last this way. And it is a shame that it takes disaster for people to unite and combine their powers for good and not evil.
These calamities are not the fault of corporate powerhouses or governments alone but a result of every time a selfish choice is made. We truly are powerful as individuals. Ponder that the next time you find yourself with a decision to make.

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