I Got Trashed The Other Night!

oh man… i’m getting on my soapbox again.

The other evening my loved ones and i chose to cruise our sandy highway (the beach) up to our favorite burrito establishment. i’m often amazed at how many people i see catching the last few moments of the day, frolicking by the shore. we were even graced with a daredevil’s dance with his winged motor, buzzing the pier and rolling in the clouds. As we approached the last stretch of beach before our exit we stepped upon a sea of …..freaking garbage!!! It was as if a family reunion descended upon the sand armed with plastic drink bottles and flavor ices. they might have done a little dance, shouted at the sky, cheered on their loved ones, had a big laugh and then packed up to go home….and left all the trash! i do believe i started freaking out and grabbed as much as i could carry. just a moment before i was taking pictures of the garbage cans thinking how we are in dire need for better garbage facilities. People are at least attempting to dispose of their trash, but there wasn’t enough room and then there’s these ignorant folks who just leave their garbage all over the beach. it makes me want to cry. as i made several trips, the amount of trash just seemed endless. i was even more disgusted by how people were just looking at it or worse not even noticing. it puzzles me how we can be so obviously angry about the oil crisis yet walk by or worse yet trash our environment daily. so here’s my challenge…if you see it pick it up…if you see someone leaving it…call them out 🙂 and say no to plastic bottles– cheers and happy beachin!

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  1. DDP

    >Maybe the city should empty more often in the summer? It stinks that people can't clean up after themselves for sure! I think we might just have to take more walks on the beach too. Thanks for the inspiration!