All Things July 4th…

Fourth of July circa 1980… I am actually surprised that I was willing to participate in the watermelon eating contest.. I was so shy growing up. My will to eat some tasty treat must have overridden the tremendous fear I would get when put on the spot. Perhaps I was too busy trying to avoid eating a seed and prevent a watermelon plant from growing inside of me.


It’s in these moments that I am encouraged along the path to recreate what we have all felt growing up here in Flagler, an impromptu family reunion. I recall never seeing certain folks at the beach except for this holiday…and evidence was their freakishly white legs that glowed in the sun. It has been great getting to enjoy this time through all the different spectrum’s of life and now I’m in the phase of family fun and being a kid again.

I hope everyone can begin to look forward to the weekend with a smile. Never mind that for some odd reason the fireworks are on July 3rd. Just appreciate the heat and remember when we were all freezing and miserable not so long ago. Embrace our ocean and be thankful that we are free to enjoy it–so let loose cause it’s summertime –cheers!