Good Morning..My Name is…

When Sean asked me to move my blog he questioned the name Island Times, wondering the origin.  I figured today would be a great opportunity to explain.

For several years I have been fascinated with the idea of owning, writing for, or just being a part of a newspaper.  I actually don’t know if I would even like any of those jobs but it sure sounded great and honestly I have a small problem with  wanting to start businesses just so I can name them.  Hence Island Times was created…yes, I understand technically we are not an island but we are surrounded by water.  The”Times” part was an obvious addition.

The other meaning is symbolic of island life and the endearing term “i’ll get around to it” which could be a mantra for some folks I know, myself included 🙂  The rest of the story is that I would like to have a positive effect on this cool little town.  There is a large space for some small changes and I believe it’s up to us…my friends to make them.

So cheers to this beautiful day!  Carla