Swim Turtles, Swim


This morning I rounded up the kiddos to watch a sea turtle nest be dug up.  Here is what I learned:

An average Loggerhead turtle nest has around 1oo eggs.

There are 88 counted nests in Flagler, both Loggerhead and Green  Turtles.

When the turtles hatch they have to first climb out of the nest ..wow..  get to the water..(lions, and tigers, and pelicans oh my!) and then swim 35miles!!! into the gulf stream to get the proper food they need.

This particular nest seemed to have quite a few hatch-lings out on their life adventure, a couple who didn’t make it, and several eggs that we all still have our fingers crossed for.  A few friends witnessed 21 babies make their way to the water’s edge this past Thursday and apparently it was a natural phenomenon.

Moral of this awesome experience:  If you are ever feeling sad or blue or overwhelmed..be thankful you are not a baby sea turtle..Cheers!

Photo credit of baby turtles: Rachel Palmer