Flagler’s Finest: Mike Cianciulli

For my second interview I’ve decided to chat with Mike Cianciulli, also known as Chinch.  You may not actually pass him in town very often  these days but you can read about the amazing places he visits as the Managing Editor at Surfline.  Incidentally, Mike was also instrumental in my beginning stages of blog writing…I had been hearing about what he was up to and thought –Hey, I want to do that too!!

Mike and his family moved here permanently from Miami in 1989, when he was nine years of age.  His fascination with surfing was immediate and a couple of neighbor-hood groms, JJ Crane and Anthony Maggs provided him with a surfboard, stating boogie boarding was out of the question.  After he graduated from FPC, he attended Stetson University finishing with a degree in Sports Management and minor in Business.  He worked part-time jobs to facilitate an extensive travel schedule including a brief migration to South Africa.  It was there that he experienced a life changing sailboat adventure which also led to a story that got him published and his current job.

In addition to surfing exotic places dreams are made of he also managed the USA Surf Team and freelanced articles to top publications like Surfing, Transworld, and many more.  I asked Mike of all the places that he’s been which was his favorite…He stated that South Africa tops the list however he did recently spend several weeks in Balimust of been torture…and then there’s also Tahiti…

The vast amount of footprints he has laid in lands that most of us will only see in pictures are many, but when I asked him if he might return to Flagler he said “home is a special place and I can see myself coming back–just not yet.” 🙂

I wish Mike the best as he is a really cool guy and thank him for his time and encouragement…and also if ever needs any help with the writing I am available…Cheers!

(Rocky Point) (Teahupoo)



  1. Chinch is the best. In my opinion he is the most respected editor in the surf industry by the youth in surfing. During his job as the USA Team manager chinch became a big brother to some of the best young surfers in the World . From Kolohe Andino to Evan Geiselman all consider Chinch a true friend. And because of those relationships and his skills he is highly valuable to every major publication in the surf industry. Surfline is very lucky as I’m sure they know. Miss ya Chinch. Can’t wait for the next adventure together. -a.j.

  2. Steve Carroll

    Mike has always been a very influencial person in my eyes. Mike and I first met when I got hired on at Poorboy in San Luis Obispo as a In-house Sales rep.. He strived as the main gun in the forfront of the hardgoods battlefield. Mike was not hesitant to include me as a teammate and his positive nature on and off the phone made people all over the country love the Chinch. I have witnessed Mike’s growth and am inspired by his avenue of life and the people that surround him. As A.J. said it, Mike is the Best…..hands down. Here in the Central Coast Chinch is always welcome. – Steve C. (Brother from another Mother)

  3. hey man I like it. I’m ready to write more posts and try out your ideas. After all, we always have something new to learn and being humble, I came here to learn. Bookmarked.

    – Josh

  4. eric worley

    CHINCHILLI is the man. great guy. really good friend. comes from a great family. all around good person to be around and he surfs good too.