Friendly Local

   … My friend’s nephew is about 10 years old and lives inland.  He was visiting his grandma and aunt this past weekend and being a super-boy was showing off his professional balancing skills.  His Aunt Jen thought to herself that he would do really well if given the opportunity to surf.   The following day his grandma brought him up to the beach and a very cool thing occurred…a guy in his 20-30’s approached them and asked if the young boy had ever tried to surfing.  The answer being “no” he then proceeded to lend his longboard and shared some beginners tips for a first time session.  The young man caught his very first wave and surfed it all the way to the beach.

Not knowing who this guy is I must tell you that he may have changed this kids life forever… and that my friend’s is an awesome thing! Cheers 🙂

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