Where am I ?

So far so good :)… last week’s winner was LINDA MORGAN!!!  yeah Linda :)… I am proud to present you with a beer of your choice compliments of HighTides@SnackJack.  Just a little FYI, I was employed at Snack’s for over 8 years and must say that it’s a great place to work, in fact I pretty much grew up in one of their tee-shirts.  Snack Jack’s symbolic ice cold bucket of beer and fish sandwhich are the reason some people vacation in Flagler Beach and don’t forget about getting dirty with their pound of spiced steam shrimp.  It’s better than $*@…. hahah!  As far as the view, well you couldn’t get any closer to the beach without actually sitting in the sand.  So now that I’ve shamelessly plugged them maybe they’ll give me a beer too…Cheers to you and Linda!

Oh sooooo this next week’s challenge is….                          

And again, there’s a beverage of your choice riding on this…happy hunting! and sorry no employees may play..maybe next week:)

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