Where Am I??

Perhaps it’s because she was blessed with two beautiful grand-babies that she has won TWO times!!  Another refreshing beverage goes out to Linda Morgan 🙂


Finally after a couple weeks it was discovered that the parrot flies regularly around our awesome little coffee shop The Beachouse Beanery.  My son and I used to have a wonderful Friday morning routine…we’d tour the market then go have a yummy cup of coffee and for him a muffin before school.  It was always so nice to walk in and see familiar faces…all inquiring about my son’s progress in his life journey.  Truly it is a warm and fuzzy place so if you never have been put it on your list..otherwise tell Carol and Jeff — Carla says Hi!

A bit of rule refresher:  these pictures come from an eatery in town,  the first to guess correctly receives a drink to quench the thirst, you must leave the guess in the comment space (not facebook), and if you work there–sorry for your luck you can play next time 🙂

drum roll please…………………       


  1. Linda Morgan

    I think I know. I just came from there. Yummy! I’m not going to hog the game tho. Aren’t there any other playful people out there?