One of Flagler’s many gems – Marineland

Everyone who grew up in Flagler has visited this historic landmark at least once either on a school field trip or when family came to town. It is not the same place it used to be (no more 3d theater, flamingos, or giant playground) but still a great destination.

My first visit to the new Marineland Dolphin Conservation Center was as a field trip while taking the Coastal Systems Module of the Florida Master Naturalist Program. It was great to walk around their facility and view the dolphins. If you want to swim with the dolphins they provide you with the opportunity (for a fee of course).

However, my husband and I love walking on the beach just south of the park.  There you can find one of Flagler’s many great beaches with ample parking, restrooms and shower.

At low tide the coquina rock formations are exposed and amazing.

On one of our walks this spring we each found a sharks tooth (its a good thing we both found one, or I would have been very jealous). You never know what treasure you might find, but get up and get out and explore this great place we live in.


  1. sunshine

    I remember the 3D theater there like it was yesterday. My favorite part as a kid was the rattlesnake that jumped out at you! Anyone remember that? Cracked me up. My parents took us there quite a bit during the summers!

  2. Jordan

    Definitely the Frisbee and the roller coaster…I had to close my eyes for it. I never was able to catch the electric eels performing though.