The “Dog Days” of Summer…

Well folks it seems as though I am starting to feel like a person again.  After speaking with a good friend I have come to realize that perhaps my love of summertime had turned into the blues…accompanied by several hundred mosquito bites.  “But the Times They Are A-Changing” Bob Dylan

The dog days of summer have gone but I really didn’t know why it was referred to as such and now I will share with you this valuable, hopefully correct information that I found off the internet- if you choose to believe it. 🙂

Apparently back in the day when people still looked up into the night sky for information (instead of on their i-phones), Sirius- the dog star- rose in conjunction with the Sun making people think that it was adding extra heat to their hot sweaty days.  They were wrong but the name stuck and is now the title of my post.

Dog Days also got me thinking about all the canines found around town.  First, I will always remember Roxy the Snack Jacks restaurant, hush puppy eating, beach running dog.  Then there were the times when you could find the sled pulling team at Z-wave behind their fearless leader Zoee.  The famous rock chasing Capt. Brodie from Pegasus Books and of course my own Conrad the flower shop dog, who has been replaced by Fred the now Sully’s Surf shop guardian.  So many dogs, so many dog treats.  Let us not forget Sylvia the Wine and Cheese queen from the Hammock.  Then there are the around the town dogs you see almost everyday like “Bob” who rides in his owners basket.

Yes, we the people of Flagler Beach are very lucky to have a place that is so friendly to our beloved man’s best friends.  With our dog friendly beaches and two easily accessible dog parks.  In fact, I have a friend the Ladybug Pet Sitter who will even take your pup for walk if you need.  And if you want to just get away for a moment and rent a room by the ocean, you can check in at Si Como No Inn with your dog.

So for all dog lover’s out there this one’s for you and I bet no one is happier for this cool down then all of our four legged buddies.  Cheers!