Green beer drinking…


No, this is not in reference to that favorite Irish holiday when silly Americans go out and fill up on cheap food colored infiltrated beer.  I am talking about the famous if you live in Hickory, North Carolina “Farm Party.”  Recycling at it’s finest dating back more than thirty years.  I attended 27 years ago but was not issued the standard red plastic cup; I did however get a shirt.


The Farm Party started with two sisters and a close group of friends who figured if they recycled all their beer cans, by the end of a year they could throw a pretty fabulous shindig.  The farm itself is named Belle Cow after one of the proprietors rejuvenated a sickly cow and it sits nestled between rolling hills and a gurgling creek.  A place you would love to live if not for having to drive to the grocery store five times a week or the luxury of the ocean at your doorstep.

This year in honor of my cousin and his musical pals the party was named Moopalooza and seemed a pretty good reason for a drive up north.  In fact there was a whole bunch of us kin present and our Uncl E, also known as PoPs, played perfect host.  We brought along our camping gear and prepared for the night.  We were not disappointed as the food was awesome and the music knee slapping.  Special K was glued to a trampoline surrounded by large bales of hay and kids of all sizes.  With temperatures plummeting into the forties the warmth of the fire was welcomed and cast a beautiful glow upon friendly conversations.  The event was a success, which made our long journey home a pleasure and facilitated talk for future attendance, as long as they keep making beer.

photos by Paige Jordan

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