Halloween Overload

I’m sure my inner child is kicking and screaming as I write these words but I am glad Halloween is over.  It seems as though this now 7 million dollar holiday has won over big with the people as there were more things to do this weekend than I can ever remember.  As a recap I am happy to say that Flagler was brimming with ghouls, zombies, and princesses around every corner.  There was the successful Haunted House presented by the F.B. police department, Trunk –r-Treats hosted by our local churches, Publix trick-r-treating, local restaurants and bars costume contest extravaganza, and my personal favorite: the free hayride around town sponsored by Pegasus Books with a stopover at the Waffle Cone for free popsicles and lemonade…WOW!

Not to mention all the parties that were jamming to creepy tunes while carving pumpkins, dancing the zombie jig, and the neighboor door to door candy collection madness! And if you didn’t guess—I love Halloween—and Flagler Beach accommodated my every sugar whim.

But what made the day even just a little more special was the fact that we had one of those spooktacular Halloween swells!!! Wahooo!  So cheers to another successful holiday completed with two more to go.

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