Spirit of Tommy Tant

The chatter of The Tommy Tant is quieting, but the memory of what took place this past weekend will remain engrained in our minds and hearts until it is succeeded by next years event.  The highlight for me was of course seeing our beach lit up with an eerie UFO glow, more people than I have ever seen on our pier (and hoping it didn’t topple over), and surfers and jet skis committing to a five star three ring circus act at shark feeding time.  Awesome! and thank you!  But there was a moment that stands apart from the rest…it was during the paddle out.  A beautiful act that surfers and watermen perform when paying tribute to their brethren that pass by forming a circle in the water.  I was going to participate this year but chickened out because of the temperatures…yes I’m a sissy.  As I was standing on the beach with my thoughts, Barbara, Tommy’s mother was beside me saying how she wished she could just see him.  At that moment, another lady who was standing near us pointed over our shoulders excitedly saying, “look, look!”

A giant swirl of wind started up behind us blowing seaweed and sand as it moved down the beach.  I was overcome with prickly goosebumps and a ridiculous grin, what a cool moment and I’m thinking maybe Tommy agreed.  Cheers!