Flagler’s Finest: Hollie Mahoney

There is a reason for everything… the reason why I began this segment of writing called Flagler’s Finest is because of a particular person who represents the special-ness of Flagler Beach and it’s residents. If she lived in Hollywood, you’d think they named the town after her. Hollie Mahoney is indeed one of Flagler’s Finest people and she has the most awesome laugh to prove it.

I first met Hollie through her son Jeremiah, who is now my dentist. They were a family of five living in a two bedroom, 750 square foot apartment. Downstairs was their meat market, which was the hub for all the town chatter. Her husband Bug, who is also her high school sweetheart and three kids, migrated down from Minnesota for a life at the beach. They resided in her sister’s garage until they purchased the market and upstairs apartment. With a hundred dollars in the register and 28$ in the bank they embarked on an adventure that would affect more lives than just slicing a person a fine cut of beef.

The Mahoney apartment was like a clubhouse, as kids would pop in and out throughout the course of the day. Bug and Hollie were like surrogate parents to most of the children living in Flagler, and if you didn’t know them you would definitely think they had more than just two daughters and a son. Their business also reflected their close family life as every customer that came in had a story to share and there was nothing like a meat market sub!!

Things have changed but Hollie has stayed the same wonderful person that everyone loves. She has brought her charisma and warmth to City Hall and gifted Publix with her skills behind the sub counter; and let me add that her fantastic laugh can be heard from across the aisles, bringing an instant smile to your face. Her personality and sense of humor are something that I count as a true life possession. And of course I asked her what her favorite thing about Flagler Beach is and she replied, “We just love driving over the bridge and I always say how lucky we are!”

Thank you Hollie for being an inspiration in my life!!


  1. Linda Provencher

    Thanks Carla for another great article on a Flagler favorite. Hollie and her family our one of the best assests Flagler beach has.

  2. Meg

    Awww…Thanks, Carla. This put the biggest smile on my face, especially being so far from “home” right now. I miss the old apartment and the Meat Market…those small spaces housed a ton of memories for a lot of people, and Mom and Dad are definitely what made them so great.

  3. Annette

    That was so sweet Carla 🙂 Yep, Hollie is such a sweetheart and always smiling, that’s good stuff! It’s nice to recognize a wonderful Flagler family. We at Snack Jacks miss the Market they had, but are so glad to still see them once in a while around town (and to have Missy still working a bit at SJs) Cool story, it’s so refreshing to hear positive community commentary.

  4. Harriet Trad

    Hi Carla:
    What a terrific article on Hollie, you couldn’t have picked a better person, that fact that
    she’s my Sister is even better, she has the best heart in the whole world, and she and Bug
    have raised the best family.

    What a super job you did, thank you!!!!

    Harriet Trad

  5. Mike Hafner

    What a wonderful article, my wife and I love coming to Flagler to visit the Florida Mahoneys. Lots of love from Minnesota.

  6. Leaa Trad

    Awesome article, Carla! Thank you for such a nice write-up. Everybody should be so lucky to have an Aunt Hollie and Uncle Bug, they’re the greatest.

    Leaa and Eric

  7. Lisa Tanner

    That was awesome, thank you Miss C!
    Bug & Holly have been so cool ever since I have known them. They will always be known for letting pretty much every kid in Flagler hangout in their home at all hours of the day or night, feeding dogs that have escaped for an afternoon excursion, and keeping us updated on the happenings around town. I don’t know how many times Joey Krupa told me that his Black lab/ridgeback, Kyah used to escape & go straight to the Meat market where Bug & Holly would feed her Belly Busters til he was able to locate her. I remember looking all over town for YOU, Miss Carla one night & eventually contacting the police because I was concerned…they found you at the Meat Market playing Jenga with half the town & informed you that you were supposed to be at a party.
    Well, now I’m more homesick than I was 10 min. ago, but it definatly brought back fond memories thinking about the Meat Market & the Mahoney family. Thank you, Carla!

  8. Mike Mahoney

    Funny but this article is such a small microscopic view of this wonderful woman who my little brother married. Comedians would pay serious money to have a Hollie sitting in their front row. But when it gets right down to it you don’t have to hear a word Bug or Hollie say’s… all you really have to do is watch what they DO !

  9. Macaille Mahoney Hafner

    Too true! This is a great article and testament to a life well-lived. My Aunt Hollie is one of the most genuine, caring, and fun-loving people around … as is my Uncle Bug. I’m so proud to call them “my”! 🙂 We love you guys!!!

  10. Sharon Lauermann

    What a wonderful article!!. I knew The Mahoneys when they lived in Minnesota, we’ve lost touch but they are still in my thoughts often.

    Hollie is by far one of the funniest people I’ve ever met and has one of the biggest hearts. When you guys left St. Cloud you took a part of the humor of the CloudyTown with ya!! I remember the fun times up in Detroit Lakes!!

    Hope you all are doing well and it sounds like Jeremiah is doing terrific!! A Dentist!! WOOHOO!!… I remember babysitting him when he was a newborn….opps I am dating myself.

  11. Shanna and Rob

    Great article. We didn’t know there were such famous people in the family tree! Is it really true that Holliewood was named after you?! Miss you in Minnesota, The Hendrickson’s

  12. Jim and Jane Hendrickson

    Great article! Hollie has always been a great worker and has a hard time sitting still! You can’t help but laugh with her when she laughs! She’s a great sister and sister-in-law and wish they could come to Mn. more often.

  13. Lisa Wolff Clausen

    Great little article. I knew Bug snd Hollie through Sharon in St.Cloud, what a blessing. Two hard working, fun lovin’, best folks you’d ever want to know. I remember many times bustin’ a gut with them. And the Market…best subs EVER!. They let me shack up with them and borrow their car when I was in college and came down for Spring Break. I would love a reunion someday. Hope to connect some how very soon.

  14. td

    great pick carla, bug and hollie have my vote for fb’s finest and great to know them. they have the biggest hearts.