Shopping for gifts and saving lives

There’s a place down the road called the Si Como No Inn that makes you feel like you’re on a vacation in paradise.  Rooms designed to relax you and encourage far off day dreams, but there’s a whole lot more than meets the eye.  The proprietor Marti has been very selective in choosing what items she decorates her business with as well as what is sold in her gift shop.  However, it’s not just the style of product that she’s after, it’s how the product was made.

Introducing  Made By Survivors…an organization that is helping… to improve the lives of slavery survivors through economic empowerment and education

– to assist rescue shelters by offering job programs, funding for rescue and aftercare, school sponsorship and business development

– to improve rehabilitation and reintegration, giving survivors the tools to rebuild their own safe and slavery-free lives- to raise awareness about slavery and engage people to action

– to prevent trafficking among high risk communities such as red light districts and refugee camps

This Saturday, November 20 at 5 pm, Si Como No is sponsoring a “Shop for Freedom” party. Beautiful hand made jewelry, hand bags, wallets and much more will be available to purchase while learning about this amazing cause.  So support a local business, shop for a loved one, and change a person’s life– Cheers!


  1. Ro

    Awesome-will try to make it!

    Also, if you know anyone or business interested in ‘Cook With The Sun’
    solar cooking class and recipes and making a stove, my roommate-jenny is teaching the first of hopefully many classes, Sunday Dec 5th at Access to Organics from 2-4 pm-cost is $10 good for $instore purchase. Win Win!