Hello 2011…

4-fbHappy New Years Everyone!!  Would you believe me if I told you I lost my pen…
It seems as though my life has gotten in the way of my passions for a while.  That and trying to deal with Mother Nature and her intentions of cold, wind, and an overabundance of acorns that continue to pelt my car on a minute to minute basis.  But as the sun shone so beautifully yesterday on the dawn of this new year, so did my spirits once again.  My family decided to celebrate by packing up our things for a walk to somewhere.  We ended up at the boardwalk by the Wickline Center and made our journey out through the trees and the marsh.  There were birds and creatures everywhere soaking up the rays of the sun that we have been patiently waiting for.  As we meandered through the wooded paths with trees whipering in my ears, I felt alive and hopeful for what this year may bring.  Realizing that hardships are never anticipated but rarely avoidable, it is with my conscious mind that I am choosing to deal with things in a positive way, learning that although I may want to do everything -I can’t..for now-, and most of all exercising patience throughout the course of my day.  I am doing the best that I can for this moment…

I am excited for this new year and get the feeling that most people are as well.  I feel like there are many changes beginning to happen in Flagler Beach and this sleepy town is on the cusp of realizing its potential to be beautiful and amazing.  I wish you the best day today and challenge you to smile for most of it.  Cheers!

And in the words of an awesomely wise women…What do you plan on doing with this one wild and crazy life??  Sark


  1. Linda Morgan

    Carla, I love your writing. It is real but positive at the same time. Riley and I took the same trip Sunday down all of the paths behind the Wickline Center plus she climbed a lot of trees.
    It was a great day. Maybe one day we will see you on it. You might have to look up in the trees….