Jimmy Blumenfeld: Flagler Surf Star

Did you know the web cam was installed for the simple reason of checking the waves? Surfers have long gotten a bad rap for being folks impervious to details and responsibilities. Being a surfer myself, I know many who are passionate about making the world a better place. I figured it was time for a segment devoted solely to Flagler Beach’s Surf Stars…introducing Jimmy B.

Jimmy Blumenfeld and his family moved to Flagler when he was 14. At that time, he had been surfing for about two years. His introduction to the sport came full circle when he rode his first wave at the very spot he had been baptized, just a few years earlier.

Quickly assimilating himself with the surfer crowd, Jimmy began entering contests and winning them. He has racked up an impressive amount of accolades including: 2 East Coast Champion titles, Florida State Champion, South Carolina State Champion, 6 time Tommy Tant Surf Contest Champion but his two personal favorites are making the quarter finals in the Sweetwater Reef Pro/Am in Wrightsville Beach and beating world renown Rob Machado in a 1st heat.

So Jimmy, what’s your perfect day of surfing? I really like the waves to be chest to head high, a little bigger on the sets. It’s nice to look down the line of the wave and see where you can set up certain combos.
What’s your favorite maneuver? An off the top reverse
Other than surfing what makes you happy? I am in my glory days right now. I have a beautiful wife and I can go skate bowls with my five-year-old son at the skatepark. I also enjoy playing the guitar.
What kind of music do you listen too? I am still enjoying the same stuff I was listening to in 8th grade…Hendrix, Guns and Roses…I also like to play and sing Adam Sandler style…busting free style rhymes to the melody Dust in the Wind…:)!!!

The grown up part of Jimmy is receiving his massage therapy license and soon to be certified in sports massage. He runs a successful summer program called North Beach Surf Camp and in his spare time is privately mentoring and coaching young surfers. His goals are enhancing their performance correctly as to prevent injuries in the future.

For my token question I asked Jimmy why he loves Flagler Beach and he replied “what’s not to love?? There is six miles of a clear view of the ocean.”
We also both agreed that building a surf community seems like a no brainer and I am excited to watch it unfold… til next time..Cheers and happy surfin!

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  1. i adore & love u jimmy as my “other” son! kudos! i agree w all u said! bless the young surfers; i pray 4 all surfers everday(& all mother earth) thanks u 4 being part of our life! ur fam rocks! so fun to be on fb w all!! congrats on yr wife, ur massaging(i love hwolistics as u know) & all u do! kiss & hug my sweeties 4 me! peace & love, mamacc ps moving up to portland, OR to live w jj & his love suzy herman; he still surfs Or coast- i don’t think i will brave it; sit by campfire! so glad jj hooked up finallyw a local ormand gal after a disasterous marriege to a cali bi…ch-well we learn r lessons! namaste