Flagler Beach Surf Star…Eric Worley

He walked up to the beach a child in tight jeans and cowboy boots and stands now in the sand, a man finding his path to happiness.

Flagler Beach Surf Star…Eric Worley.

For as long as I can remember Eric Worley has lived to surf and in these times his hard work and dedication are paying off. He recently became the winner in both the Open and Masters Divisions in ESA and is soon looking forward to conquering the Southeast Regional’s coming up in St. Augustine. His ultimate goal is surfing his way to becoming East Coast Champion and as Eric knows, it’s anyone’s prize to take.

I asked Eric why he likes to be competitive…his response “it keeps the drive to surf better” but he also does it simply because it’s fun. His attitude comes from the advice of his beloved departed farther and grandparents…”When you want something, you just gotta go for it.”

Eric’s passion for surfing has spilled over into the next phase of life, as he is newly engaged and immersed into the quintessential surfing family. His fiancé who surfs also has a young son who is already competing and winning, and is now providing an opportunity for Eric to teach all that he has learned.

Eric gladly accepts this new chapter in his story, as he has quieted down his nightlife for some good ole sitting around family time. The shift has paid off, as he feels he is surfing better than ever and he is happier too. The older, wiser Eric is becoming more laid back and getting in tune with the world around him. This suits his sponsor’s Few New Zealand Clothing , Clever Surf  Boards, and Hyperflex Wetsuits as he prepares to triumph over his life long goals and dreams.

We wish you The Best of Luck!! Represent Flagler well…Cheers!