Flagler Beach’s Local Color: Joseph Pozzuoli

 I renamed my section of Flagler’s Finest to Local Color because the people who live here make this place cool and Joseph is one of those folks.

Joseph Pozzuoli is an architect and his stylish renderings reflect his personality. Leaving his stamp on several of the buildings around town, he is personally responsible for making our “holla at the dollar” store shopping experience smart and colorful and the new and improved Tiki sensation at the Golden Lion.

Joseph migrated here from South Florida in 1994 and a year later set up his architecture business, JPA (Joseph Pozzuoli Architecture). He became involved with the Rotary, Home Builders Association, was past Chairman of the F.B. Economic Development Task Force, Downtown Re-Development Committee member and presently the Chairman of Flagler Beach Chamber. His feelings are that if you want to have a successful business, you need to get involved, and earn the trust of your community.

Joseph’s mantra is “good design stimulates economic growth” and I could not agree more. You can find his office located at the Dollar Store plaza or take a look at his impressive resume on his website jpaflorida.com.

Joseph is currently involved in trying to re-vamp our Flagler Beach First Fridays which will be featured all this week to come… Cheers to Joseph for making this world a visually cooler place!!