Flagler Beach’s Local Color…Mark Woods…

There are many people who fit this category, but Mark a.k.a TikiTender is definitely at the top of the list. His ability to casually don a hula skirt and carry on conversation in legitimate pirate jargon are just a few examples of what sets Mr. Woods apart from the rest.…His name TikiTender was bestowed upon him while tending bar in a makeshift tiki hut at the former Harborside Inn. It also happened to be the moment when destiny was shaken not stirred, speared with a cherry and topped with a 151 filled straw.

In Marks former life he was a corrections officer, but it was a beach getaway that changed his mind and future. With the words of Buffet jamming through his brain he truly was strolling down the avenue known as A1A…he also concluded that he really enjoyed being a bartender.

Years have passed and Mark has embodied his mantra of “purveyor of good times.” A self taught techie, he’s placed himself on the radar of every social network applicable. He has even landed himself radio time on a station (that truly must have great taste—hint hint) Island Time Radio and sports a clothing sponsor called Mad Gringo.

While Mark continues his day job working as the official drink slinger at the Golden Lion, he has a future resembling an empire of tasty beverage concoctions and personality appearances. He has even been accepted as the Daytona Beach Bartender Examiner.

So as our local famous bartender I asked Mark what his favorite icy cold beverage would be?—his answer…Red Stripe or maybe a whiskey on ice. We also share a fondness for dive bars which I may or may not have seen him in a time or two…just saying.

Cheers and vote for Mark!


***Update*** Mark is now CO-Proprietor of the Humidor Cigar Bar & Lounge and Owner of Fun Coast Bartending.


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