Dear Flagler Beach Surfers,

Dear Flagler Beach Surfers,

It has come up in conversations lately how there are some folks among us who despise the web cam pointing at our waves.

Quite frankly I find it hilarious and feel that maybe you could project such strong feelings on ending poverty in our school system.  Or at least pick up all the litter on the beach and dune walks.  I am sure you do not utilize web cams for any other surf spots along the global coasts because then you would be a total hypocrite; however that is not unusual when it comes to ignorance.

Yes, maybe the web cam has spawned an intense wave of surfing dorks who have turned our beach scene into a Wilbur Kookmeyer illustratation.  Or perhaps it has provided an open invitation to people who surf better and are monopolizing our home breaks.

The funny part is that I know surfers who check the web cam daily and have been surfng here for probably longer and better than most of the cranky people who harbor such anger at our technological advances.  Maybe we should go back to calling in for surf reports and not use our cell phones while doing it.

I don’t want to sound crass or unsympathetic…I have surfed thirty deep on a right point break but that’s not here.  Our bottom is sand and there is always a spot to surf down the way.

My advice is maybe to get up earlier and then figure out how to make money off our visitors, legally.  I am sure you have a job and pay taxes and that is why you are so distressed but you really shouldn’t let this get to you.  There are people starving in Africa…

Cheers and Happy Surfing!

PS. frowning in the sun gives you worse wrinkles


  1. Pamela Morrow

    Issues with the web cam…really??? Don’t we have bigger issues we could be putting our time and energy toward? I agree with you Ms. Cline, it is very hilarious!

  2. Noticed a lot strangers in the lineup today, especially on the north side. These folks where really sending bad vibes. Particular three greedy strangers right next to the pier, and a few greedy longboarders throughout the lineup.

    • pnelop1

      i totally get ya gene…but rude surfers probably mean rude people however that’s not the web cam’s fault. i’d say that 95% of surfers everywhere surf someone else’s local spot…doesn’t mean you shouldn’t address their inability to have common sense when visiting. but for people like me and my friends who have bought homes away from the beach it’s a great convenience to figuring out whether or not to call in sick or get a baby sitter.

  3. Heywood

    When rude or “ignorant” people come to Flagler to surf, we can put some blame on the web cam. Maybe the cam/site should have a disclaimer letting people know that safety is an issue when a bunch of “surfers” show up that have no business being in a crowded area. I have seen infants and toddlers wiped out by people that have no concern for the safety of others. Many of these people are new to surfing and don’t know the proper etiquete. I understand people want to see the waves before they drive here, but I live a block away and I still use the forecast tools available without a cam or a quick walk to the beach. Anyone can do this.

  4. cherylmandolin

    Love the Web Cam!!!I look at it every day for a variety of reasons. Nobody owns the Surf! Keep it coming! Thanks!!!

  5. Uncl E

    we’ve got the same folks here in the mountains. They buy a lot on a lake, build a house and then immediately ask for a moratorium – to keep “other”
    people from building houses on “their” lake