The Sky is Falling!

This morning I received a phone call from my Captain asking if I heard about the plane that had crashed in the ocean.  My reply was a negative and I probably went back to whatever morning chore I had been ordered to do.  Moments passed and another phone call from Captain came in talking about all the news folks uptown and the callers coming in on the radio station Real Radio 104.1, broadcasting from Orlando.  Man, this is serious I thought to myself.  First there was a body found on the beach, then days later a fishing boat washes ashore and now planes are falling out of the sky.

If I was a conspiracy theorist I might think the Bermuda Triangle has extended its deathly grip up a bit further in the Gulf Stream.  I did however check the local news and found that it happened last night just before midnight and there has been no wreckage recovered or even evidence that any plane was in the sky during the sightings.  Upon further investigation I referred to my ears and eyes in town, who claimed to have witnessed the flaming ball falling out of the sky first hand.  She and her compadre didn’t even think that anyone would believe them.  She also added that it was very similar to something she witnessed during the July 4th holiday.

So now here is my two cents worth of what I think…even though I love the idea of it being a spaceship, I recall a similar happening except a large wave came crashing ashore Daytona Beach in the early 90’s and apparently it might have been caused by a meteorite.  There is also a meteor shower that takes place almost every year around my birthday next month.

So there you have it as quoted directly from Chicken Licken from the book Stinky Cheese Man Other Fairly Stupid Tales, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling! We must tell the President!”