Taking Flagler by Storm


You might think that I am referring to Irene the Hurricane monster that is barreling down our Atlantic coast, but I am not.  Not to say that every time the word hurricane starts getting tossed around a bit of energy begins to course through my veins.  Part dare devil excitement mixed with sheer terror of what could happen if Flagler Beach ever sustained a direct hit. Can you say “Welcome to Flagler Sand Dunes, Primitive Camping only.” 
Not something I dwell on but it is an idea that rests in the back of mind.

 No, I am actually speaking on behalf of my egocentric personality that I sequester in the bottom of my left foot, kicking me in backside when needed and on occasion inserting into my mouth.   My first mission was to send off my beloved first born successfully back to school.  I had been counting down the days to the moment the giant yellow wagon full of hyper activity would scoop him up and whisk him away in puff of diesel smoke.

 And to think last year at this moment I was embracing the art of Homeschooling.  My confidence in his teacher and my inability to be organized pretty much squashed my personal needs added to that when my son finally confessed that we were just not getting along anymore made it a no brainer decision to re-enroll.

 So now I have turned my attention to other matters like my almost toddler daughter who beautifully demands my attention 90% of my day/night,  throwing parties at the beach for Flagler Beach First Friday, and at the present moment raising money in honor of a friend.

And if I have a spare moment or two I try to put it all down in paragraph form abiding by most literary rules; however I do love to flash my creative license when needed.  I should probably get it laminated.

 Here are a few special links…

http://flaglerlive.com/27162/josh-crews-fund      This one further explains my charity that I fully support.

First Friday Commercial: First Friday Sept Flagler Beach (1)…as if reading isn’t enough, now you have to hear me 🙂

my personal blog…that is like the forgotten step-child.  I’ll get it together one of these days!

Cheers- and don’t let the wind blow you away.