We are being invaded…

…I’m not speaking about the glowing yellow orbs racing through our skyline or the Brazilian pepper tree taking over our landscape…

I am talking about folks who have lost their will to be functioning, contributing members of our society. I am referring to people who don’t have any pride, honor or an ounce of redeeming quality left within the fiber of their human shell.

There are a bunch of us breathing here on this six mile stretch of ground up coquina. There is never going to be a moment when we are all high fiving, slapping each other on the butt, whispering sweet nothings in our ears or even just agreeing on what we think is best for Flagler Beach.

But there is probably one thing that we can all agree upon…breaking into our stores, homes, cars, destruction of property, harassment of people and animals, vandalism, trashing mother earth and anything I missed just has no room here.

To the people of Flagler Beach keep your eyes and ears open…to the business owners who recently became victims—keep the positive faith…to the folks with the black cloud of karma fixing to rain on you…you brought it on yourself.

(again, really)

*word on the street it was clipped to keep people from seeing who/what shenanigens were going on uptown..


  1. CM

    What a shame. I am over in Europe away from my home in Palm Coast and loved visiting the CAM to get a real-time glimpse of home.

  2. Sharon

    I check in every day to give me my much needed taste of Florida and Flagler Beach! Other Florida cams won’t do for me! I am so sorry to hear this!

  3. Milo

    That’s a damn shame!! I can’t believe that someone would do such a thing. I can see the problem, I will come out 1st thing tomorrow and fix it if you want me to at no cost. I was a C band satellite installer for 15 years. I can fix it in 5 minutes. let me know.

  4. Milo

    I look at this cam every day every couple of hrs to checkout the waves and the tides so I can see when it’s time to drop everything and hit the beach. Im sure Im not the only one that does this. this is a big problem, we need to get this fixed pronto amigos!!!

  5. Mike

    I’m told that my group of guys might have been some of the first to surf Flagler Pier in the 1960’s. I was so glad when I found this camera. I check it just to see the waves and people surfing and bring back memories.

    I hope the people that are causing the trouble get a little street justice. That’s the way things were handled before the politically correct crowd and lawyers took over.

    The camera is a great public service and the folks that put it up are to be praised for their thoughtfulness. Would love to see it come back online.

  6. Sharon

    I am so glad to see the cam back online! I am in Cleveland Ohio and check it every day to get my little bit of Flagler Beach. It gives me something to look forward to! Thanks for getting it fixed so quickly!