Vision from the Bridge

Everyday that you wake up is a good day but yesterday was pretty awesome!

I had attempted to get a jump start on my resolutions by walking off the pot belly I got for Christmas and what better place then our good ole humongous bridge.  Passing strangers with friendly smiles and gawking folks in ominous pick em up trucks I managed to work up a decent sweat and send a message to my dormant muscles that change is coming.

Funniness aside, it never fails that when I make my descent a warm feeling envelopes me as I look over our cute beachside town nestled in the trees.

And for a bonus there was a secret Arts & Crafts show that nobody knew about until they passed it—how funny!

So to you and yours—Happy New Year and let the end of the world begin…

There’s something funny about people in big colorful balls rolling around in the water.