I realize it’s not Friday.  However,  I would have been a letter off if it were so instead I’m going to let  you in on a local home grown secret…It started with a couple of friends Lauren and Suzie, who have known each other since their first breaths.  Pseudo cousins are how they view their relationship as being family is so very important to their heart and soul.

Lamenting one afternoon about the hardships of life they remained grateful for the things they value most… family, friends, and of course the beach…Flagler Beach that is. It was in that moment their brilliance shown as one of them added “thank God love’s free” and the idea was born.

Manifested out of frustration in only finding “Got Tail” lobster season tee-shits, Lauren designed a lobster that she figured to use on a hat.  Once their love of the ocean began to fuel their right brain the “Coastal Inspired Collection” took shape.  Not to be “left” out, their heavy backgrounds in fashion design, marketing, and modeling started to mold the business aspect.

They use a three step process in creating the shirt and have 10 designs so far.  They held a trunk show at the Holden House in Bunnell for family and friends to get a first hand reaction to their products.  Based on the feedback they are hoping to acquire a wholesaler and perhaps make it into the next apparel market in either Atlanta or LA.

They are fueled by helping the effort of recovery in America and are proud that their products reflect the Made in USA standard.  Being goal oriented ladies with lots of support I don’t doubt that they will achieve their dreams.

For more information:   http://thankgodlovesfree.com/


Cheers and Good Luck!