Folkin up the 80’s at Flagler Beach First Friday

Growing up in the 80’s wave of big hair and neon lace spandex, I learned to appreciate and filter through this period of my life as what became inspiration to live out loud.  The music I listened to is a broad spectrum of really terrible and downright cheesy to some of my most favorite songs of all time.  So when my mom laid down a newspaper article with a photo of four guys in red headbands and a bold caption of “Folkin up the 80’s” I was sold.

As the story goes the four member band: TJ Jarosik Vocals/Guitar, Chris Dixon Banjo, Mike Juliano Vocals/Guitar, and Josh Salestrom Drums and Percussion were figuring out the best way to get the most paid gigs.  Unfortunately for the musicians this ends up being a set comprised of cover songs.  While not wanting to walk this road of un-originality they decided to spin their talents by taking the iconic songs of the 80’s and putting a folk spin on em, resulting in a toe tapping, knee slapping good time.

Folkin up the 80’s isn’t their only talent as these guys are true musicians and have an original band called Pilotwave to showcase their authentic selves.  Beatle’s fans at the core they appreciate melody and can back it up with their picking skills.  They are currently recording and will have a cd available soon but you can see them in person since they are quickly filling up their time cards at venues in our tri-county area.  So show your love and support for some great local talent and come get Folked Up…  at First Friday…Flagler Beach…April 6th.

Also on the schedule is an Easter Egg hunt for 10 and under kids at 5:15 pm

Music starts at 6:00 pm…”Shade out Melanoma” fashion show at 7:15 pm…Flashlight Egg Hunt 8:15

Dr. Bruce Paley D.O and Advance Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery will be present to answer questions and do light screenings.

Free Hawaiian Tropic / Banana Boat sunscreen handed out by Beach 92.7 radio station

Local shops and Museum open late and loads of great family fun for everyone!!

Cheers!  have a listen here…

or here 🙂