Happy Hurricane Season Day…

Today is the beginning of what we surfers look forward to all year…Hurricane Season.  Except that this year we have already experienced two systems, some great swells and in my mind the start of another very strange phenomena of weather.

I have stated before that I don’t really, at all, pay attention to whats going on scientifically in the realm of Meteorology– I do however have a truce with Mother Nature to not be upset when the outside forecast does not agree with my own personal agenda–not that it isn’t frustrating after months of planning to be drowned out in a down pour.  However the weather remains one of the most pivotal aspects in all our lives…so back to Hurricanes.

Throughout most of my life these amazing storms have evoked  excitement…driving in downpours, looking for immense waves and in the days of old posting up at the top of Jungle Hut Road as giant foam balls came tumbling out of a misty black hole. Blackouts were an opportunity to eat junk food for dinner and burn all the candles saved for special occasions.

It wasn’t until I began working at High Tides Snack Jacks and finally owned a piece of this beloved sand dune that my outlook on Hurricanes deviated from excitement to trepidation.  Upon meeting Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne my demeanor towards these beautiful forces of wind and energy changed completely.  But in the end… no matter how it goes down there’s definitely somebody out there getting the wave of their life…Cheers

Photos of Beryl at Flagler Pier: by Scott Adie

For more killer surf footage — by Local photographer AJ Neste check this out : Beryl on Surfline