Our First Friday’s are the best…

To be honest up until a year ago I never attended a First Friday…I ran a flower shop in town and at 5:00 on a Friday I could think of nothing more than packing up and going home.  We eventually closed our doors and First Friday’s drifted away from my conscious thoughts like a chore you don’t have to do but know you should.  Then a year ago Tom Gillin (the man with a wider description of jobs than most folks i know) called and asked if I could help find him a band.  I have been to almost every First Friday since…you can call me Girl Friday…behind my back only:)

This past June event was almost my favorite yet…

perhaps it was because we thought we were doomed with severe weather

–it turned out totally gorgeous!!–

I had no idea what the band was going to be like

Tarnished Halo was a fantastic surprise!! —

Our boat could actually float and we advanced in the Rain Gutter Regatta race


But I think my favorite part was witnessing business owners patronizing their neighbors, walking in and out among the crowd of smiling faces and seeing people singing, laughing and totally enjoying themselves.  It truly was a great night- til the next month– JULY 7th– it’s gonna be Awesome!

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Tarnished Halo

Important People

Rain Gutter Armada

Good Times–Good Folks

Above Pics “borrowed” from FB Historical Museum

Sunset off the Flagler Pier: contributed by FB Commissioner Joy McGrew