Will Tant is almost famous…

 photo hijacked from Sherry Blevins

There are only a few people I know that are sort of famous depending on which kind of circles you find yourself dizzied by.  It’s kind of neato that I might get to add one more to the list…except that this guy is a friend of mine.  Will Tant is one of the top 5 in a contest for co-host for a day on “Live! with Kelly”

— Will is a great human who has changed the sands of Flagler Beach for the best by coordinating the world famous local event —The Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Classic, in honor of his brother who passed away from an aortic aneurysm at age 24.   Every year the event donates thousands of dollars back into our community for kids and education.  If he wins– his guest spot is scheduled on his mother’s birthday (she’s the one who gently persuaded him to give it a go.)  So show your support with the click of your fingers and vote for Will!!

http://willtant.com/  –to find a little more about Will

http://dadt.com/live/contest/cohostsearch/12/vote/index.html  –contest info here 🙂  Cheers!