Journey into the Flagler Surf…

Image captured by Jennifer (amazing manager at High Tides@Snack Jacks😉

This past Saturday I celebrated my birthday surrounded by family, friends, coquina sand, cool salty water, tasty food, and a whole lotta cosmic birthday love from the Internet universe.

 The timing was impeccable…

You see this journey I have embarked upon doesn’t resemble anything terrifying to the professional, but for me…I might as well be getting fitted for that squirrel suit I’ve been casually talking about.  I am not afraid of failure, I’ve publicly embarrassed myself on more occasions than I could possibly remember and I confess to having a lot of really bad ideas.  However, most of them were concealed between the lips of loved ones –except for the time I was dressed like a fairy making Valentine deliveries.  But as I continue to hang tightly on the notion that writing for a living is possible, I know that hiding and waiting just aren’t an option anymore, even if it means the rope falls around my neck.

This website Flagler Surf—the one you are reading and enjoying has been a hobby of mine for some time (like several years.)  The folks who put it out there on the Interweb did for the sole purpose of seeing our beautiful ocean while locked away in a cubicle.  Well, they are moving on to greener spaces, fresher air and I have decided that perhaps I should invest into this website a little more than just as a hobby.  My hope is to keep the momentum and energy that Flagler Beach is tapping into while highlighting the spaces and people that make us truly special.  My intent is not to overload the precious surf breaks with people, but to fill our streets with laughter, creativity, and compassion for each other.

I ask you to join me on this adventure…and if you are so overwhelmed with excitement that it is forcing you to send me a note that you would like to help me by being a sponsor… that would be awesome!

Otherwise, here’s a big cheers to you and hope for the best!

Carla Michelle