Little bit of thanks goes a long way…

I spent this past holiday weekend in a pristine forest in North Florida with a good friend and her cool family.  The brief time away allowed for a little rest and relaxation while the change in scenery gave me an opportunity to reflect on the chaos in my life.

Since taking Flagler Surf a bit more seriously, I have experienced the ebb and flow of thoughts like…have I lost my mind…do I really need one more thing to do…what if nobody even cares.  While feeling down and sorry for myself someone comes along, gently picks me up and inspires me to “keep on trucking.”

So this little message is to my family and friends for their support, the folks who have been reaching out to offer advice and the people who sent emails, which I finally read yesterday, gracing me with very kind words of encouragement, raw stoke for the view  and a glimpse into their lives and how I make it better.  I appreciate it with my whole heart!  Cheers and Love!