Have you hugged a Derby Girl today??


There are many items on my bucket list that I would really like to accomplish…most of them I consider challenging, but possible — however, way on the bottom there’s one that teeters slightly more towards… I’d really like too but I just don’t think I can.

That folks would be Roller Derby.  

I became fascinated with the sport back when my Saturday itinerary consisted of watching TV til my brains fell out. When the animations concluded, I remember a period of Roller Derby bouts taking center stage.  Perhaps they had an effect on me, as I have always thought of myself as pretty tough- up to a point and I loved to roller skate. I even dressed the part one Halloween as a member of the  “Kansas City Bombers” cruising the  Daytona club scene and hitting up the Bike Week Shenanigans, on roller skates of course.  But I think what holds me back  most is that when I fall it’s about as graceful as when “Elaine” from Seinfeld busts out her signature dance moves.  It is not pretty and it hurts more…the older I get.

But looks are deceiving and that is proved by my friend, as one of the core members and Jammer of Palm Coast Roller Derby.  I had the pleasure to speak with L’Assassin as she cleared the air on what Derby is all about.  First she confided that most of the girls on the team had very little skating experience to start but with very structured training and specific skills tests the level of skating has increased tremendously.  I like many others also had no idea what was actually going on as they rounded the corners over and over in what looked like a skating free for all bowling pin style.  It was cool to learn that there are 5 members on the track per team, one player is the jammer and the other 4 are blockers.   The goal is to let your jammer get around the track the fastest as she  scores points by passing the other players.  Lets remember however this is a full contact sport…there will be no curtsies and excuse me please…

The shaded regions are the legal areas to block, hit or check an opponent.

But with bumps and bruises comes love and respect as L’Assassin states, “I had never worked out before and now I have a new appreciation for people who participate in sports and how hard they have to train.  I am healthier and stronger than I have ever been and made a great group of friends in the process. I love it!”

The energy the team is building shows, as they have started to make a name for themselves in the league and they have a full roster of 15 boutable players for the upcoming season starting in February.  But they are always on the hunt for fresh meat and loving sponsors- no experience necessary!

So come out and support Palm Coast Roller Derby as they prepare for their last home bout at Skate and Shake in Ormond Beach on Oct. 14th at 6-30 pm against the Ocala Cannibals. Tickets are 10$ at the door or can be purchased in advance from your favorite Derby girl or online for 8$.  It’s a family friendly event as kids 10 and under a free and there are games at halftime for your half-pints, as well as a snack bar to quiet the monsters in your belly.  And lets face it– Derby is cool- so I ask you “Have you hugged a Roller Derby Girl Today? Cheers!

Palm Coast Roller Derby