Josh Crews Writing Project

“When I write, I feel like an armless, legless man with a crayon in his mouth.” Kurt Vonnegut

I love to write.  But sometimes it’s like a fistfight trying to get just the right word down on paper.  I write a sentence, then erase it and then write it again.  I struggle every time I stare at the screen and then after I have finished, walk away and freak out wondering how I could have written something so terrible.  A little bit later I will look at what I have composed and be shocked in thinking that I actually succeeded in making my point without sounding like a dim whit.  It’s very close to having an out of body experience and then I write some more.

Writing is a passion that took me by surprise when I began to announce out loud in public that I would one day author a book.  But beyond my simple feelings, writing is an important tool that must not be lost on children because it is drowning  in the bureaucracy of standardized education.  It is vital to be able to communicate effectively and beautiful when you are inspired through words you read or create yourself. I owe gratitude to the amazing teachers who have guided me, the authors who have inspired me and to one person who will never know that he has helped me get started on this journey, Josh Crews.  After Josh died in a car accident we started a writing project in his honor: Our hope is not to re-write his story, but to commemorate his life and talents through words…  Josh was a huge character in many people’s lives and through our hearts we hope to touch the lives of many more.

This past Thursday Maggie (Hackett) Mejia and  I met with the Flagler County teachers, representatives from 6 schools and two amazing and established children’s authors with over a 100,000 copies sold between them Jane Woods and Frances Keiser.

These wonderful people are the pioneers embarking on the  first adventure of The Josh Crews Writing Project.  The goal is for 6th grade students to learn the process of getting a book written and published, mentored all the way by Mrs. Woods and Mrs. Keiser.  The end result will be a very professional looking anthology of writing that can be sold on Amazon, in retail book stores, and formatted for e readers.  Each school and student that participates will be given copies of the book and at the closing of this years project, a celebratory book signing to congratulate them on their hard work and printed success.

This experience is amazing and only just the beginning, but it was the effort of our community who made it possible.  To help us continue this cause please join us as we host the

2nd Annual Josh Crews Writing Project Fundraiser:



The volunteers for this event would like to send out a huge Thank You to our Sponsors

Flagler Dental and Intracoastal Bank

Craig Flagler Palms, Woody’s BBQ, Whitney Laboratory

Flagler County Chamber of Commerce, Sun County Pest Control, Chiumento Selis Dwyer PL

High Tides @ Snack Jacks, Dr. Shawn Magee DDS, Rentaland, AGP Printing

 If you would like to be a sponsor or donate a silent auction item please contact Carla Michelle 386-338-1655

Tickets and Donations can be made through the Flagler County Education Foundation website  under Masquerade Ball  and at our local Flagler Woody’s BBQ.    For more ticket info: Joe Rizzo 386-517:8971


“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

Jack Kerouac