Flagler Beach Surf-Off Showdown…Oct. 20th

As the summer season wraps for 2012, it is going out with style thanks to the Flagler Surf Club. In the past several weeks, Flagler Beach can lay claim to some great surfing moments ranging from ESA champions to a local surfer saving the life of a swimmer in trouble.  But there is another current moving through our funky beach town and it’s really cool.  For the first time ever there is going to be a Surf Off between all the local surf shops and camps.  The history-making event will coincide with the last club contest this Saturday; the surf-off is going to be the finale.

The teams are Z-Wave, Sully’s Surf Shop, Ocean City Surf Company (originally Paddle Out Water Sports) and North Beach Surf Adventures.  Each team consists of 3 males and 3 females with the best waves being scored.  The contest will give the winner bragging rights and a trophy that can be displayed for the year. The Flagler Surf Series will also get there footprints dirty as they are hosting the re-do of their cornhole and tug-o-war tournament that day.

The purpose of the event is helping to unite our community, beyond the measures taken from the 150 member strong Flagler Surf Club.  As if that’s not enough excitement…the following day will be the end of season club banquet, complete with a full BBQ meal, bounce house and DJ.  There is also going to be a silent auction full of amazing donations in which all the proceeds are going to help a four-month-old little boy “rockstar” named Tristan Brayden Kaphan, who just recently had a heart transplant.   It is truly an amazing time to live in Flagler Beach and witness that we are really taking care of each other.

Contest Details: Oct. 20th

Where: Si Como No Inn 2480 N Oceanshore Blvd, Flagler Beach

When: 9:00 am

Banquet Details: Oct. 21st.

Where: Si Como No Inn 2480 N Oceanshore Blvd, Flagler Beach

When: 12-5 pm


Bring the whole family for some good times in support of a great cause!! Cheers and Thanks- Carla Michelle

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