Flagler Spotlight: Big Easy Cafe


It has been two years this past July 4th that The Big Easy Cafe has opened their doors here in Flagler Beach.  The road hasn’t always been paved purple and gold, but as the owners Walt and Nicole Mazie stay true to their authentic New Orleans style cooking roots, success has been slowly knocking on the door.  Tucked away on south 2nd street you might walk by if not for the giant alligator painted on the window.  Or if you are lucky and happen to be in town on days of the Farmer’s Market, you can find Walt outside frying up their all time famous beignets.  But aside from their amazingly tasty food there is another secret ingredient to the success of Big Easy and that is their policy of giving back to the folks who support them.


Each month Walt and Nicole decide on a particular charity and then pair it with a yummy sandwich that the servers recommend to their customers.  For every sandwich they sell the Cafe’ donates 3 dollars to the charity.  At the end of the month they tally the number of sandwiches sold and then write a check.  It’s a beautiful thing!

I was fortunate to hear about this program as they have selected the Tommy Tant Scholarship Fund to be the November charity choice.  I was even more excited when I found out the featured sandwich was like a Thanksgiving celebration in your mouth.  Turkey smothered in gravy with a layer of homemade cornbread stuffing and cranberry sauce on top of a fresh baked roll—-oh my goodness I had a hard time saving half for my better half!

So in the end I suggest you find a moment to eat some killer food all the while supporting a local business who in turn will support a local charity…it’s the ultimate gift that keeps giving… Cheers and tell em Carla sent ya!!

The Big Easy Cafe

213 S. 2nd. Street, Flagler Beach