Flagler Beach is the coolest small town…

Flagler Beach is famous in many circles and now it’s in the 2013 Budget Travel “coolest small towns” contest… so what we’ve all known now must be true.  In the first moment it feels **Awesome** that everyone will know that we are such a killer beach town, but in that same breath of ego it makes you want to throw a beach blanket over the map and reply – Huh? Never heard of it…don’t think it exists anymore.

The dichotomy of life circumstance…enjoying the quiet secret of something special and wanting to share it with the whole world.  It also doesn’t hurt to have an increase of visitors to help sustain all of our awesome businesses…because they are what keep the wheels spinning.  So go here and vote Flagler Beach of course!!

You can vote everyday and there are at this moment 23 days left-

Cheers and High five to knowing our little secret-