Flagler Surf Series #4…busting at the seams with talent.


Dan Worley’s Flagler Surf Series #4 was a total success this past weekend, much thanks to the nice swell that came in on Sunday and blue skies warming up shivering goose-pimpled skin.

From the outside it looked like a giant family reunion at the beach with folks just hanging out having a laugh with each other.  However underneath the sponsor tents in the sand  there were serious matters taking place.  One happened to be on the subject of  buried treasure.  Apparently a scurvy pirate hid the booty under a cloak of darkness and lost his map, causing the search and seizure to take place over the course of a day and night.  The Quote of the day became ” I SWEAR THE TREASURE IS RIGHT HERE IN THIS GENERAL LOCATION.” However, diligent kiddos didn’t stop digging until they found a passage to china or the gold, which happened to be a donated bag of Sunbum goodies.treasure hunt

The other matter under deep consternation was the Pro Am division stacked with awesome local talent and a purse that might cause a mutiny.  The winner Dustin Richardson, who actually came to the contest as an alternate, not only won every heat to claim the $625.00 prize and future automatic entry status but also claimed the $100.00 Hot Wave award sponsored Ocean City Surf Company.


 Winner Dustin Richardson

But it’s through hard work of  volunteers and judges that help make this event a success filled with awesome surfing!  I am looking forward to many more  Surf Series and watching the town embrace this killer sport.






All photos by the extraordinary MIT Photography


Winner Ryan Huckabee -Groms Division-

Jimmy2nd place (previous champ of FSS) Jimmy Blumenfeld –always finding barrels

blaize sequence copyBlaize Carroll (future surfing champion–it’s in his genetics)

Robbie Sequence

Robbie Mccormick (future surfing champion–he’s flying already)

brandon sequence copy

Brandon Hoffman

(total badass and only Local included in world renown Red Bull Night Riders Event)

Dan Worley

Winner Body Board Pro Daniel Worley (and Flagler Surf Series Boss 🙂