Flagler Surf Star: Robbie Goodwin

The lazy burned out stigma of bleach blonde surfers is a mirage of the past and being replaced by kids who are determined to mark the world with style, talent and fortitude.  Flagler Surf Stars was created to highlight the talented surfing youth in our beautiful community and inspire them to achieve greatness.Robbie Goodwin-1

I am proud to announce Flagler Surf Star: Robbie Goodwin

Robbie is an 8 year old grom with adult sized focus on maximizing his surfing talent.   He began this journey two years ago but it wasn’t until he joined the North Beach Surf Camp last summer that he realized other kids his age surfed too.  Robbie has now settled into a surfing schedule that reflects drive and determination, training Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s with his surfing Coach Jimmy Blumenfeld.  Saturday and Sunday are considered free surf days and if there are waves and time you can find him in the line-up.   His dad Rob stated “if there were more hours in the day he would use them to surf.”Robbie Goodwin collage

I met up with Robbie and his father at the Si Como No Inn where the first part of training takes place.  Sometimes they begin with muscle strengthening exercises or a training video.  Today he started with the custom skate pool to work on his bottom turn maneuver using “tactical words “ compress, reach, and hold.   Coach Jimmy has adapted his program through the work and innovation of Australian’s most successful surfing coach, Martin Dunn.   He say’s that Robbie is “an awesome example of a model student, listening and applying what he is learning out in the water.”robbie n jimmy

Before Robbie got down to business this is what we talked about:

Q. Do you like being a competition surfer? A. Yes, I have been competing in the ASF series and out of four contests placed with 2-1st’s, 1-2nd, 1-3rd.

Q. Do you have any sponsors yet? A. Sully’s Surf Shop  they rock!

Q. Who are your surfing inspirations? A. My favorite surfer is Jon Jon Florence and of course my coach Jimmy, Ryan Huckabee and Robbie McCormick.

Q.  Barrels or Aerials? A. Both, I’m working on my power surfing and I’ve gotten four aerials- just haven’t landed them.  I love to get barreled.robbie goodwin-6

Q. What’s your dream surf trip? A. Costa Rica- waves and warm water!

Q. Advice for a first time surfer?  A.  Start out with a foam soft top board and catch the inside white water.  Work on popping up quick and hold your rails longer if you keep falling.  Keep trying.

Q. What’s the healthiest food you eat? A. Lots of bananas…sometimes carrots

Q. North side or South side? A. South side- peak in front of Fisherman’s Net.

Q. Favorite thing about Flagler Beach?  A. There’s lots of kids and fun surf!

Robbie’s dad added that he has lived and surfed from New England to all over East coast Florida and that “Flagler Beach has the best surfing community – it’s incredible!”

I happen to agree!  And Big Thanks to Mike “Chinch”, he helped hook Robbie up with a premium 1 year membership to Surfline!! Sweet!    Stay tuned to see who’s next months Flagler Surf Star! Cheers and Happy Surfing!Robbie Goodwin-2Photo Credits: MIT Photography







  1. Jaii Hein

    Glad for your Costa dream…I travel there a lot and if you want to go to a great beach with wonderful people look me up…Jaii Hein…I have a friend that just bought a house wit cabinas in Nosara..Peace.