A heavy heart speaks…

Sometimes just because you want something doesn’t mean you should have it…

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post because it just doesn’t seem fair.  For several years now I have devoted endless hours and many daydreams to making this website as cool as the visions dancing around in my mind.

It has been frustrating because it’s taking longer than I’d like to get where I want to be… but that is the sacrifice you make when you decide to have children.  You just don’t always get to have it your way.

But now there is another force and unfortunately it’s bigger and stronger than me which means that the wave Flagler Surf has been riding is about to come to an end- so bummed!  The webcam will be coming down and with it my attitude that anything is possible… So if you know me or are just connected to me through this little space I call home…


You will hopefully not want to kick me when I say

Photo on 4-22-12 at 2.42 PM #3

April Fools!!!

But on a serious note because the world isn’t free…I have finally created Advertising Rates— so if you want to support Flagler Surf –because you love it and you think it’s a killer place (plus if the webcam breaks I can’t afford to fix it) give me a shout at Flaglersurf.com@gmail.com- Thanks a bunch for your love and a million for your dollars!! Cheers, Carla Michelle

Coming soon: Flagler Surf Star **Hannah Blevins**, the old but new “Where Am I” contest with a prize!!, and soon a real Newsletter– wahoo!!


  1. Heather

    Oh man! I live in Indy and each and everyday is spent dreaming of Flagler. I go there at least once a year, and hope to live there soon enough! When you said the webcam was coming down I nearly cried! That’s my one connection to seeing it in semi-real time everyday!!! HAHA, that was a good April Fools!

  2. My only connect to the Flagler surf…when I move to Costa it will be a good thing…btw I need to advertise…but not for sound I will chat later…a gig possibly doing Costa tour…later…You Had Me Til the funny FACE….

  3. Jennifer Ressa

    Hey there. I stumbled onto your blog while bopping around on FB. I’m a private homecare nurse, and I do the overnights usually, and I’m blonde, so without sounding really dumb………………….Flagler Beach Florida? I only ask because we were just in Florida for a 10 day vaca and while driving up the coast from Daytona to St. Augustine, we fell hopelessly in love with Flagler Beach and are hoping to move there in the next 2 years. Thanks for letting me ramble 🙂