Blue Skies and Magic Wands…

Today was an amazing day!

 After three days of being held captive in our homes by pounding rain and gale force winds– folks I know were at the breaking point of sanity.  In a moment it was as clear as the sky what we all have in common… the love of being outside enjoying this fabulous mecca of nature’s graces.

Today we shared in abundance-


 As if pulling up to the ocean’s edge and witnessing clean sets of swell rolling in with a nice steady offshore breeze wasn’t enough, there was some magic happening just south of the pier as the Flagler Surf Club waved their wands and made a special little girl feel like a princess.  Kiera Timmons is four years old and has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)- Her family moved to the area in 2006 but for last few years have spent most their time trying to figure out how to get through to the next day.  Today they were able to smile, breath fresh air and witness how a bunch of surfing beach bums are committed to taking care of each other and changing the world- one wave at a time.


All the proceeds from the contest entries and dozens of items donated for the raffle went to help Kiera and her family. But that wasn’t the only heart-warming moment.  At noon almost everyone on the beach brought out a seashell that had been inscribed with the name Tristan “the RockStar” who was born on June 14, 2012 with a congenital heart defect called Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome.  The seashells were thrown amongst the waves in hopes that his name washes ashore on other beaches furthering his story and need for prayers and support.   The surf club held a similar benefit for Tristan last year and has been one of the many champions in his corner.


It was a great day at the office and a proud moment to call these folks my friends!

 To join the Flagler Surf Club you can contact them through Facebook or come to their beach meet-ups almost every Sunday just south of the Pier.  The membership fee is $25 or $60 for a family- and you get a cool shirt!

For more info or how to donate contact: Hope For Kiera or Team “Rockstar” Tristan


Great Job to the Volunteer Judges!!IMG_8176

Homemade Slip-n-slide!!


Mini Groms, High Fives and some Surfing Legends 🙂


Future Flagler Surf Stars

Cheers and Happy Surfing!